Contents based on the company’s objectives

Our main objective is for each company to achieve its specific linguistic objectives. In this way, the first step is to hold a meeting with our Director of Studies to discuss the needs of the company and to be able to audit the level and needs of future students.

As a result of this first meeting, British House will develop a fully tailor-made course for each company. We will prepare the final quotation with the timetable for each group and the distribution of the students according to their individual levels.

During the course, classes will include a continuous work on the most common situations of daily communication at work that have been requested by the company: specialized vocabulary, job interviews, phone calls, correspondence, e-mails, meetings, orders, budgets, problem solving, presentations, claims, instructions, etc.

Our continuous assessment system and personalized approach to each student will ensure that the initial objectives are achieved at the end of the course.